25 Ways to Spread the JOY of Christ This Christmas | Day 1

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I am on a mission to
Spread the JOY of Christ this Christmas
and help others do the same.
Will you join me?

Jesus is the reason that I celebrate this holiday season and it is my intention to bring glory and honor to HIS name in all that I do, including all that I do during the Christmas season. That is why I decided to write a series of 25 blog posts that will give you some ideas on how you, too can spread the joy of Christ this Christmas. I would love to hear your ideas as well. You can post them in the comments below, or post them on the facebook page I began for this cause, Spreading the Joy of Christ.

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Nativity Design Chocolate Advent CalendarThe first idea I want to share with you to help spread the JOY of Christ this Christmas is to count down to Christmas using a Christian Advent Calendar. An Advent calendar is a special calendar that counts and celebrates the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas Day. According to an article at HuffingtonPost.com, “The tradition of the Advent calendar has existed in some form since the middle of the 19th century. For Christians all over the world, the Advent calendar has been used as a devotional tool to countdown the days of the Advent season that culminates with the celebration of the birth of Christ. Advent calendars have commonly been used for the education and entertainment of children, with daily scriptural readings that sometimes come with a chocolate treat.” Read the entire article here

Some calendars are secular, using images of Santa Claus, jingle bells, Christmas trees, etc. But for the purpose of spreading the joy of Christ this Christmas, I suggest finding or making an advent calendar that focuses on the celebration of the birth of Jesus. If you have young children, be sure to use an advent calendar that is not fragile, but one that is interactive and suitable for the ages of your children. Remember that your family is your primary mission field and do not underestimate the power of spreading the joy of Christ this Christmas within your own family.

Here is a site that lists several Free Christian Advent Calendars.

Spreading the Joy of Christ this ChristmasHere are some Advent Calendars you can make yourself (or let your kids make):

 2011 Thriving Family Advent Activity Calendar

The Nativity Story Advent Calendar

How to Make Your Own Christian Advent Calendar

This blogger has compiled great examples of homemade Advent calendars.

Here are a few examples of advent calendars geared toward young children:

Advent Calendars for families, churches or small groups or Christians of any age to enjoy:

Recently, technology has enabled a new twist on this old tradition. Online Advent calendars allow individuals to easily explore scripture verses, daily meditations and other content through the familiar form of the calendar.

Here’s a few online Advent Calendars to check out:

TeachingMom.com (Actually, this is an entire list of Advent Calendar resources!)

 Wycliffe Advent Calendar From Wycliffe Bible Translators…each day reveals a Christmas fact and a reason for the season!

The St. Margaret Mary Advent Calendar FUN graphics & scripture!

 Christian Christmas Advent Calendar Daily Bible readings, activities, crafts, recipes and songs to sing for Advent.

 2011 Online Advent Calendar from DavidJeremiah.org (So fun!)

Whether you choose a traditional Advent Calendar or an online Advent Calendar, just be sure to choose one that you and your family will enjoy—one that will help you Spread the JOY of Christ this Christmas, not one that will add guilt to your life if you miss a day or two.

So, what do you think ?